Misconceptions about Outsourcing Software Development

Are you planning to Outsource? Though Outsourcing is the buzzword for this millennium it is believed to have existed a long time ago. In fact, it was considered a cost-saving measure. Now, what has changed? Is it becoming more troublesome or is it groundbreaking? As office-based work is turning into a home office, new opportunities for outsourcing emerge – all thanks to the COVID pandemic.

Your software development outsourcing project will be a massive hit or massive flop depending on the selection of the outsourcing company. Apart from that, check out the following post that emphasizes some of the most crucial software outsourcing myths to keep in mind. So without any further ado, let’s begin!

1. Benefits of Outsourcing Companies

Software outsourcing can be called a process of trusting a reliable software development company outside your office premises, maybe outside your country for your software development process. Now why is this concept evolving you may ask? Well, here you get the best of everything from price to quality, services and what not. In fact, outsourcing is the best possible answer for those who believe that software development can only be done in-house and not otherwise. More often, there are companies who consider outsourcing as their back up on a regular basis. 

It is very natural of us being non-techie to keep on mulling over the idea of outsourcing. Well, I am pretty sure that knowing certain benefits will assist you well in deciding if outsourcing service providers is something that could work for your business needs or not. In most cases, it certainly does!

1. Focus on Your Core Business

Of course, your company is your baby and you need to be provided for it no matter what! There are times when your company might require technical expertise that you might be lacking at present. And with the help of an outsourcing company, all you just have to do is concentrate on your core competencies. Not to mention that outsourcing improves the quality of the end product to a great extent. 

Now many of you often misunderstand the fact that focusing on your core business means you have to hire extra professionals. Also, you don’t have to waste time training them. 

2. Accessibility

In today’s era gaining fast accessibility is what matters the most. Before, the term outsourcing came into limelight businesses only had access to a small, local talent pool but not anymore. 

Moreover, due to severe globalization chances of getting high-quality workforce for less prices is possible.

3. Streamlining or Increasing Efficiency For Time-Consuming Functions

Another advantage of choosing an outsourcing company is that you no longer have to spend hours working on unnecessary issues as you have professionals at your service.This has surely resulted in increased efficiency.

On and all, outsourcing software development provides the best of both worlds. Finding the right talent at the right price. 

How to find the right outsourcing service provider?

  • Once you are settled in. talk to your software outsourcing company regarding your needs. 
  • Secondly, once you enter the negotiation stage, ask for a proper contract comprising of the quality measures and legal standards. 
  • Providing unmatchable performance is pretty much expected. Check how were their previous client experiences.

Further in the post, let’s take a look at certain misconceptions or software outsourcing myths and understand what exactly is outsourcing. I am sure it may help you in understanding the concept more precisely. 

2. Outsourcing Service Providers Myths Busted!

Myth #1 Can I Lose Control Over My Project?

It is obvious where this misconception is coming from.  Many companies are unable to gain trust on third parties especially the ones which aren’t located within the country. Also, not to mention that different locations means you may find the price high or low depending on the country. 

Now, generally speaking, you will come across companies offering full estimation of cost with no hidden charges in advance. So fret not, it is not actually that problematic. Simultaneously, it is the duty of your chosen company to keep you posted regarding the work progress and offer detailed documentation at regular intervals. Companies worry about losing control because of  poor communication. But there are  skype, Google meet and other tools which  make communication smooth and seamless. So nothing can stop you from having full control over the project.

Myth #2 Outsource Development Services Might Result in a Low-Quality Product

Another common yet crucial myth is by choosing outsource software development services always results in delivering low-quality products. You see outsourcing to India and other developing countries means you are dealing with countries having low price and tax rates. Now if you ever decide to outsource your development work and  it is possible your outsourcing provider will quote a low price but it doesn’t mean that product will be of poor quality.

Let me clear this out for once and all, low-quality products are just one of the common myths and not the result of outsourcing but it could be the result of poor skill possessed by the software developers of the outsourcing team and this can be possible even with your own in – house development team.

Myth #3 Outsourcing Takes More Time Than In-House Development

Another myth about outsourcing development companies is that small businesses most of the time think that in-house project development can be conducted at a much faster pace instead of the time taken with outsourcing development. Remember this your  outsourced development team is way more experienced in their field and if they happen to deliver cheaper development services than it doesn’t mean they will compromise on other factors such as time taken.

Business owners must trust their outsourcing partner, after all they are a reputable company. In fact, at times it becomes very easy for experienced outsourcing companies to understand small business requirements and come up with an outcome. 

Myth #4 Time-Zone Differences

Well, I won’t say that this is an entire myth because time-zone difference could be an issue. Now since there are a total of 24 standard time zones featuring differences of around 8 to 24 hours. Tiring and tedious right? Now have you ever wondered how your competitors are managing their ongoing outsourcing projects? I am sure they must be opting for a much simpler frame.

However, do not delay in deciding the hours. Make up your mind and take a leap of faith. In addition to time, cultural differences or language barrier is also one of the myths about outsourcing. When it comes to foreign clients , cultural differences are unseen to a great extent. Choose a company featuring Hard-working geeks, who do practice transparency and have a keen eye to details. 

Myth #5 Agile And DevOps With Outsourcing is a big No-No!

Last but not the least, there are several medium sized businesses who think that combining outsourcing with agile methodology and DevOps is a big NO-NO!

Most of the remote agencies tend to use agile methodologies that specifies three rules:

  • People and relationship must be considered at paramount
  • Then comes the tools and procedures 
  • Less attention to paperwork and more to the product
  • Stick to the initial plan irrespective of changes. 

In fact, certain aspects such as intellectual property, proper negotiation can be taken care of here.

3. Conclusion

Myths in outsourcing arise due to the lack of understanding. In the past, there weren’t so many outsourcing software development companies  but now the tables seem to have entirely turned. So what are you waiting for? Go for it! In case, if you still have any doubt, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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