Healthcare SaaS and Its Trends

Tuesday April 05, 2022

By using innovations like AI, IoT and cloud computing, the world has witnessed a major reduction in the transmission of the vicious disease leading to speedy disaster recovery as well as enhanced patient’s treatment, real-time diagnosis and care. One of the prominent ways of doing this is using SaaS apps....

EMR vs EHR : What are the Differences & Benefits ?

Tuesday April 05, 2022

Electronic Health Records(EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) were developed back in 1992. They were developed to enhance medical treatments and get rid of paper records. But many of us have confusion regarding the usage difference and the services they provide. As a healthcare software development company, we have explored this topic for you and tried to clear out the confusion between EMR vs EHR....

What is a Patient Portal ? Its Benefits & Challenges

Monday April 04, 2022

A significant transformation is seen in the healthcare industry – all thanks to the ever-evolving technology. In fact, healthcare workers from all across the globe have started embracing all the aspects of technology such as telemedicine, secure online portals, online patient portals, EMR- electronic medical records, immersive technology, and many more....

11 Significant Benefits Of Mobile Healthcare Application

Tuesday May 18, 2021 Table of Content
  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of Mobile Healthcare Application
    1. Control and Self-Monitoring
    2. Chronic Disease Control
    3. Improves Provider Communication
    4. Reduced Cancellations
    5. Remote Patient Monitoring
    6. Reduced Healthcare Expenses
    7. Reduced Administrative Burden
    8. Medical Billing Simplified
    9. Increases Medication Reconciliation Accuracy
    10. Medication Regularity
    11. Optimized Medical Data
  3. Final Thoughts

Trends In Digital Health To Follow

Tuesday May 18, 2021 Table of Content
  1. Introduction
  2. Rising Trends in Digital Health
    1. Consumer AI
    2. Big Health Data
    3. Telehealth
    4. Remote Patient Monitoring
    5. Digital Health: From a Solution to an Ecosystem
    6. Cloud-based Data
    7. Personalized Genetic Testing
    8. Business Models Focus on the Patient
  3. Conclusion

Everything you need to know about Hospital Inventory Management

Friday May 14, 2021

Medical facilities and big healthcare organizations are tasked with the responsibility of managing a sizable inventory. A Hospital Management Inventory is basically a stock or data of all the medical resources such as equipment, medicines, and patient’s health data that are generally found in any small or large healthcare facility. ...

Everything about Health Information System

Friday May 14, 2021

Health information systems used to make crucial decisions by healthcare professionals to save lives and improve patient care.. To give more idea about Healthcare information system the following post emphasizes what a health information system is and how it is beneficial in the health space. 

Table of Content
  1. What is a Health Information Systems?...

A Guide on Hospital Management Software

Friday May 14, 2021 Table of Content
  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Hospital Management System?
  3. Benefits Of Building Hospital Management software
    1. Easy Patient Data Retrieval
    2. Reduced Costs and Workload
    3. Improved Patient Experience
    4. Improved Workflow
  4. The Core Feature of Hospital Management Software
    1. Appointment Management
    2. Facility Management
    3. Billing Management
    4. Hospital Staff Management
    5. Insurance Management
    6. Laboratory Management
    7. Operation Theater Management
    8. Management Assistance
    9. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Management
    10. Inventory Management
    11. Data Analytics and Reporting
    12. Financial Management
    13. Report Management
  5. Key Limitations Of Hospital Management Systems
  6. How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Hospital Management System?...

What Technology is used in Healthcare?

Tuesday April 20, 2021

With technology being introduced every now and then. It has become mandatory for every industry to make the most of it or else the fear of lagging behind will always honk them. Being specific right now, among the healthcare industry, the role of technology seems to be expanding exponentially. Let’s check it out,...

What are the types of Healthcare Software used by the Healthcare Industry?

Friday April 16, 2021 Table of Content
  1. Introduction
  2. 10 Types of Healthcare Software For Your Patient in 2022
    1. Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software
    2. Hospital Management System (HMS)
    3. Tracking Apps
    4. Medical Billing software
    5. Lung Cancer Detection
    6. E-Prescribing Software
    7. Appointment Scheduling Application
    8. Asthma Monitoring Devices
    9. Medical Imaging Software
    10. Medical Diagnosis Software
  3. Conclusion