Apps and Websites Made with Angular

When an industry giant introduces a new product, everyone anticipates it to be flawless. Consumers’ high expectations paired with genuine curiosity make them more demanding, but if a new solution satisfies their criteria and delights them with an exceptional journey, interested parties become devoted customers.

That is precisely what happened with AngularJS, which was released in 2010, and its entire rewrite, Angular, which debuted in 2016.

This Google product is always improving. It continues to draw technical brains and crops up in the most heated debates. By following the angular best practices, you may take your brand to the heights by leveraging its best features for your software. Numerous websites and applications are built with Angular because of its exceptional capability, simplicity, and potential. 

This list of the ten finest Angular and AngularJS examples below is compiled to assist you in determining whether Angular is a suitable fit for your future web application.

1. Apps Made with Angularjs now known as Angular

The Google product keeps getting better attracting technical minds and turns out to be one of the hottest discussions. Further below are mentioned some of the top Angular websites 

1. Websites built with AngularJS

Websites built with AngularJS

2. Gmail App

This app is one of the best examples of services offered by Angular. Now, what makes Gmail app a cut above is its simple and intuitive user interface. More than 1.5 billion users vouch for the fact that the app leaves no stone unturned when it comes to uninterrupted experience. This is where Angular comes in.

The angular platform was introduced by Google itself so do we have to mention that all Google products make the most of the tech. Now what’s so fascinating about this app is it renders data right there on the front end. Apart from this, it comprises several single-page app advantages such as enabling developers to cache data even when offline.

3. YouTube for PS3

Of course, Youtube doesn’t need any recognition! Available on Sony PlayStation 3, this one is developed using the Javascript framework. As we all know this platform was created keeping the watching and sharing experience of the millions of users in mind. Most of the time, individuals try to upload a video that is liked and shared across the globe. This platform is created using Angular js framework.  


This Angular website has more than 126 million visitors on a monthly basis, yes you heard it right! This Angular platform is worth considering here! Here you get to see Weather forecasts online, related data and news, interesting facts, entertainment content, and such relatable content that it collects from around the world.

What makes Angular special?  Different teams are assigned to work on specific elements of the website. And fortunately, angular modules are stored in separate directives making it way easier for them to deal with. Other attention-grabbing features offered by Angular frameworks include maps, real-time broadcasting, HD videos with the ariel view, and more. All thanks to Angular power Feature.

5. Upwork 

Upwork and are another example of websites developed using Angular. Upwork is anAmerican freelancing platform and Freelancer is an Australian-based platform. After the COVID effect, the IT industry seems to be booming like a fire. This includes the rise in freelancing as well. This angular-based platform serves its best where individuals can work hard and get exactly what they deserve in return. What makes upwork more attractive is its brilliant functionality, best designs, data protection seamless navigation within the site, and whatnot.

6. PayPal

Now we have PayPal. Millions and billions of money are being transferred each day with the help of this app. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or a business, seamless transfer of money is highly possible with PayPal. At present, you may come across approx 305 million active users or more of the app who are using Paypal for online money transfers. Paypal also supports real-time feeds of transaction data.

7. Forbes

One of the most popular websites on the planet is also an Angular example. It is built with Angular 5 and replies to the inquiries of over 74 million monthly users in the United States. It covers a range of subjects and illustrates how digital publications can become almost as iconic as the magazine’s first issue, which was published over a century ago.

Forbes’ online application was designed using Angular. Forbes operates well in all environments. Forbes author pages built with Angular demonstrate how advantageous it is to use this framework as a key tool for your project.

The “write once, use everywhere” philosophy ensures that the Forbes website performs effectively on any device, operating system, or browser.

Additionally, an unbroken, rich experience is available. Readers may surf and explore the website as much as they like; intriguing content comes on the screen naturally.

The servicing and administration are straightforward: As the framework evolves and develops, so does the Forbes website.

8. Microsoft Office

Microsoft, a huge international technology business, introduced Office for the first time in 1998. It has 75 million daily engaged visitors on monthly basis.

Microsoft chose one of the more audacious ways among the firms that employ Angular. Its growth into the twenty-first century was aided in part by its seamless transition to the web.

It released two new standalone online applications in August 2014 that leverage the AngularJS framework and the Office 365 API. In the year 2020, Microsoft Office is coupled with a free-to-use web product called Microsoft 365.

The available internet web software condenses the majority, if not all, office functions onto a single screen, allowing organizations and individuals to collaborate on projects and generate documents.

9. Wikiwand

The founders of Wikiwand describe primary objectives for their product—Superior readability — Angular enabled the division of a webpage into clear, easy-to-read chunks.

Wikiwand’s enhanced navigation feature is available on both the web and mobile.

As a consequence of utilizing the Angular framework, the team claims “increased traffic and utilization” on a redesigned edition of the old Wiki.

10. Delta

Delta Air Lines, which is based in the United States, is a pioneer in domestic and international travel. They provide flight passes to more than 60 countries and more than 300 locations. Delta has built a website using Angular 9+ that is both robust and quick, and its site’s 1st visitation is presently ranked third in the tourism and travel business category. They elected to include the framework into their landing page, and clearly profit from it.

With this combination, Delta’s clients may conduct high-level plane tickets inquiries or register flight details while enjoying a positive client experience and a fast page load time.

11. Netflix

Netflix is an American business company that enables customers to view online films and television episodes on a variety of devices. Netflix’s distinguishing characteristic is its expansive library of shows and feature films, the majority of which are available in ultra-high definition or 4K. The Netflix team used Angular as the frontend device, while Python and Flask were used to meet backend requirements. Here are some of the features you can access due to the presence of Angular.


  • Unique titles can be experienced.
  • Very easy streaming.
  • You can download your favourite content.
  • Access to numerous profiles.
  • 4K video quality
  • Parental control.
  • A vast content library.
  • Features that facilitate accessibility.

2. Significance of Angular in Web App Development

Gone are the times when businesses were given an option to build a website or an app. Today, whether they are running a small, medium, or large size business, having a website or app has become a compulsion. Wondering why? Here below, We would like to mention certain reasons stating how website development or web application development using Angular can be fruitful. 

  • Easy accessibility via web and mobile
  • Provide credibility and reliability
  • Expand reach through web applications
  • Brand identity can be maintained for a long run
  • Increased traffic ROI also increases.

It may quite interest you to know that almost everyone, be it the millennials or Gen Z believe the fact that having an unresponsive website or web application is equivalent to having no website at all. Also, it indicates the business’s lack of interest in its consumer’s needs. And this also becomes a major turn-off for them. In fact, due to this tons and tons of leads are wasted each day. Also, not to mention that this could create a bad impression worldwide. In short, not having a website or having one with a low page loading speed, no user-friendly design, and bad content can make you fall at a breathtaking speed. 

3. Why Choose Angular Framework To Develop Modern Applications?

Why Choose Angular Framework To Develop Modern Applications?

Introduced in 2009, Angular is so popular now like no other framework today. The JavaScript open-source front-end web application framework can be defined as a power-pack of a wide range of frameworks, libraries, and plugins ranging from the famous MVC architecture to two-way data binding, dependency injection, lazy loading, etc. So if you are willing to develop dynamic web pages, robust, and scalable web apps, look no further than AngularJS.

Although, the journey of app development technology has not been so easy from creating single-page apps to the web. But today one can proudly say that Angular has played a vital role in the transition front–end development. Further below we would like to mention certain reasons for using AngularJS now called Angular for your web development or mobile app development project.

1. High-end Functionality

The first and foremost reason for choosing this dynamic web technology is its high-end responsive single-page experience. And we are not evangelized by the framework, We are just stating the fact that it offers high-end out-of-the-box functionality.

Another benefit of using Angular for your first web app development project is that here developers do not need to seek assistance from third-party libraries as the default setting of the framework covers it all! Do check out the official library now and you will exactly know what we were talking about. Other than the library, no other technology can assure you high security and impressive quality of code as much as Angular does. All you have to do is ensure to choose a reliable software development company that has an adequate amount of experience in developing the best Angular-based websites 

2. Reusability

Another one of the reasons why Angular is the best framework over others is, it offers reusability. This is in regards to Angular code. Have you ever wondered why Angular has a strong development environment? It has unmatchable consistency in regard to code.

Speaking further of the usability, the Angular CLI (command line interface) and the documentation style guide are highly recommendable for performing tests, incorporating a wide range of unique features and functionalities. Now if one member of the team makes some changes, the entire team gets to know about it. So effective teamwork can be seen as everyone is on the same page. 

Not to mention that the time, money, and energy used in developing such web apps are quite low. Of course, here code reusability plays a significant role. Within a few lines of code, more and more functionalities can be added to any site at once.  

3. Extensive Community Support

Supported by one of the world’s leading tech companies Google, Angular has a community of skilled engineers from Google+ and Reddit. Community support offered by this framework is simply incredible. No matter what the issue is, veterans from the core team and experienced programmers are always there to help.

Apart from such communities, you may find a wide range of conferences, seminars, and webinars being held where known veterans are asked to shed some light on Angular. Also, the internet is filled with tons of information whether it’s in the form of a book or a 5 min read. Here an Angular developer not only gets some help but also is able to contribute when needed. 

4. Conclusion

However, this is not it, there are several other examples of companies using Angular such as The Guardian website, Lego, iStock Photo, Wix Web Apps, Forbes, Netflix, Tata Consultancy Service, etc. With 58000+ stars on Github, 100000+ professional service providers on LinkedIn, 3,600,000 technology websites built around the world, Angular JS is showing no signs of slowing down.

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