4 Key Benefits When Working With An Software Outsourcing Company In India

Businesses of all sizes, whether big enterprise-grade companies or independent startups are increasingly inclining towards outsourcing IT services for a variety of purposes. There are numerous outsourcing programs, of course, that have some advantages, but they often have some less-than-obvious risks. There are many global giants who have successfully outsourcing software development to India and benefit from its top-notch business services. Countries all around the world are utilizing Outsourcing as their tactical weapon for businesses to keep their business up in the race.

In fact, many American businesses outsource software development to international locations or their favorable destination-“India”. They are mostly motivated by a desire to save money. If you’re considering outsourcing to India, you may be curious about the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. This is completely natural, and in this process of ambiguity. We thought of assisting businesses with the key benefits of outsourcing that will answer your questions give you the authorization of what you are going to opt for.

In the list of preferences for outsourcing, there are many other companies making their way to the list of potential prospect business countries. Europe, Canada North America are some of the leading names in the league. Software Outsourcing companies in all these leading countries offer competent software development services and multiple other benefits making them a frontier in software development services. Choosing a reliable software outsourcing company like TatvaSoft as your preferred option for conducting your next application development project due to the benefit it brings. But before starting to narrow down our research, lets first bust the first question that every outsourcing business have:

Table of Content

  1. Why is India Preferred as a Good Option for Software Development Outsourcing?
  2. What Benefits Outsource Software Development to India Offers?
    1. Reduced Labor Charges & Overhead Operations
    2. Top-Notch Coding Expertise
    3. Risk Mitigation Services
    4. Time-Zone Differences Benefits
  3. Wrapping Up – Why Outsource Software Development to India?

1. Why Is India a Good Option For Software Development Outsourcing?

In terms of revenue, the IT outsourcing market in India has a value of INR 5,649.47 Bn in 2019 and is estimated to reach INR 8,830.14 Bn by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 7.25% during the 2020-2025 period- Source

There are very few countries that are as futuristic and rich as India when it comes to technology advancements. There are millions of young populations graduating every year as engineers and joining this race of software development services with their proficient skills and delivery goals. Not just the skilled resources, there are other essential factors like lower cost of investment and higher return on investment are some of the reasons why businesses turn towards India or Indian companies and make them their development partner. We have curated some facts that prove India as one of the leading outsourcing destinations.

  • In a globally conducted survey by Deloitte, 78% of respondents said that they feel positive about their outsourcing relationship with other companies.
  • India is ranked first in 2019 AT Kearney Global Services Location Index for outsourcing attractiveness- Source
  • India is the country with the most ISO-9000 accredited software firms, accounting for over 75% of all CMM Level 5 certified companies in the world- Source
  • In addition, India leads in the race of one of the most favorable choice for offshore outsourcing all around the global locations- Source
  • When compared to developing countries, outsourcing to India is much less expensive. In India, developers can be found for an average of $25.

2. What Benefits Outsource Software Development to India Offers?

1. Reduced Labor Charges & Overhead Operations

Recruitment and selecting employees is costly, particularly for short projects, and temporary workers rarely provide the high-quality results you need. Outsourcing software development to India is an efficient way to convert fixed labor costs into flexible labor costs, allowing you to simply pay for the resources you need. This allows you to staff in a way that in-house workers cannot. This will in turn lower down your cost of development and give more profit to the business.

When there is a third-party business managing your application development, there is a lot of savings in hiring cost, training, infrastructure, and overhead operations – on a whole. TatvaSoft a right Outsourcing partner enables your business to pay as you go. It allows you to have resources when needed and later release them as and when not needed. This easy scale up and down is another important reason for businesses to opt for outsourcing for their businesses.

For instance, if you are an eCommerce company and your business requires you to develop a website for your business then hiring a team of IT experts then hiring resources, training, infrastructure. All of this together is not a cost-effective measure. Here IT outsourcing is beneficial and will help your business grow at a faster pace with the guidance of experts.

Additionally, while it’s a good idea to take advantage of labor market comparative advantage wherever possible, recruiting workers from other countries are not easy. When you partner with an outsourcing partner, they will handle all the hassles of recruiting in a low-cost country. They also ensure that you get a high-quality product at a comparatively cheaper cost.

2. Top-Notch Coding Expertise

In India, we get a pool of software developers who are skilled and adept with software development services. For every software service need, there is an associated team of software developers who master each technology. Whether it is Laravel, PHP, or Node programming language expertise or it is about developing a cross-platform application development for its use across Android, iOS, or Windows platform. It could also include the development of a website or mobile apps that are compatible across all platforms and operating systems.

By outsourcing software development to India, there is an external staff with extensive knowledge and experience catering to your company’s technological needs. If you immediately add their expertise to your business processes, it would add a lot of value to your activities. Investing in facilities from a reputable external vendor allows you to take advantage of their top-tier specialists’ strategic expertise.

There is no doubt about the skills of developers in India and thus the range at which the companies are outsourcing to India is quite high. The Agile methodology of software development embraces timely and real-time business results and thus many businesses adapt it for this reason. Integrity and competitiveness make these developers stand out from the crowd. Also, the developers work round the clock to provide support. Like if it is a software development company from the USA, then the team of developers will work as per the US timings and in this scenario, the time difference is extremely favorable and helps the business drive the expected outcome.

3. Risk Mitigation Services

There is a myth that outsourcing comes with risks, it is only true if you don’t trust your outsource software partner. When you partner with a good company, the company will take the equal opportunity of all the risks. Businesses need to be sure of whom they partner with only then they can trust the results. In all business scenarios, changing outsourcing companies is unbearable. Even in the case of employees, when anyone quits, you lose all of the money you expended on recruiting and teaching them. Turning over at the wrong time will cause expensive complications by disrupting the activities of the existing business. This is one type of typical risk that every business face.

Enterprises should become more consistent as a result of outsourcing. However, if you outsource the feature, the operations will continue to run smoothly. In India, the developers or the software developing company take complete responsibility for all the risks associated with their service lines. Outsource only those needs that bring more profit and fewer risks to your business. Most of the companies take equal responsibility for risks and help businesses achieve greater heights.

4. Time-Zone Differences Benefits of Outsourcing

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant benefits that multinational firms gain by partnering with India is the benefit of time zone. The time zone gap between India and the west is important, which benefits both the supplier and the customer. The job is done here by the time the overseas office closes, and hence delivered on time and without hassle.

Not just money, but time is equally accountable for getting advantage of time. When you develop a software product, by any third-party company located at any location. The location preference offers you a competitive edge for businesses that run around the clock and need sync-ups and phone calls. It’s also beneficial for businesses searching for both an in-house and an offshore team to collaborate in situations where time is critical.

India and the Indian developers working you hire are continuously working from remote and supporting the business like a dedicated development team. The management of time is extremely easy and with friendly time-zone differences, India enables 24*7 facility of working. The turnaround time of applications increases and businesses can use that time to focus on core functionalities. As a leading software outsourcing destination helps business in all types of development, design, app development, app management, testing to deployment.

3. Wrapping Up – Why Outsource Software Development to India? 

Finally, if we are here to conclude the thoughts on why should we outsource software development to India or hire Indian development companies. Well, from the few points that we discussed, it is a strategic move if businesses hire Indian companies as their outsourcing partner. It is a learning experience when you partner with Indian outsourcing companies, as they lend their skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise in developing the right software that augments business graphs and improves overall business performance.

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